Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Wow! This has already been such a learning process, there is so much about adoption that we had no idea about.  One thing we already knew before and know now more that ever is that we have some of the best and most supportive friends and family anyone could ever imagine.  So many of you have put us in contact with your network of friends, co-workers, and relatives that have successfully adopted in the past.  That gives us so much hope! We love all of the success stories and advice from those who have been in our shoes! 

So far we have 3 appointments set up with adoption agencies, I have included the links below so you can learn more about each company and the programs that they offer:
  1. January 16th - Bethany Christian Services
  2. January 18th - One World Adoption
  3. January 25th - Adoption Information Services, Inc. 
There is one other agency we are considering, but the closest seminar they are offering is in Orlando, FL on Feb 8th. American Adoptions

Hopefully in my next update, we will have our plan together and God will begin leading us down the path He has chosen for us! Until then all we can do is ....

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