Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March updates :)

We have been so caught up in paperwork and our checklist that I haven't updated this blog in a month!  Things are moving right along just as planned.  We had the opportunity to speak to our social worker (that we will hopefully meet in person soon) and she is wonderful!!  It really helps out to know you have someone there to support you and answer all of your questions during this lengthy homestudy process. We are about half way through our to-do list and should have our first meeting with our social worker in a few weeks. Once we complete the homestudy process, we can move on to begin matching us with a birthmom!!! Ahhh... It brings tears to my eyes just typing those words.

We are also excited about how well our fundraising/fundraiser planning is going!  Check out the fundraising tab on this page for details and updates.  In less than a month I have received 20 orders for the baby blankets!! I'm thinking the sewing machine and I are becoming great friends!  We are in the works of planning our yard sale for April 5th.  This just happens to be our 5th wedding anniversary, and what a great way to spend it! We are also designing a t-shirt, planning a photographer fundraiser, and a fundraising day at Mickey's Hotdogs in Buford (the restaurant that Steven's parents used to own). 

Thank you all for your continued support and love! Talk to you soon!

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