Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Our Dream Come True

"For this child we have prayed, and the Lord has granted us the desires of our hearts" 1Samuel 1:27

It's official, we have been matched with a baby girl due July 24th! We are so blessed, God is so good!

Last Wednesday, while at work, I happened to see a facebook post from our agency stating:

OWAS Domestic Program is in need of a homestudy ready family in GEORGIA, for a Caucasian baby girl due in July. Families must be married, no other children and open to sending pictures and updates to the birth family. Interested families can EMAIL their profiles and homestudies to
I knew we weren't homestudy approved yet, and didn't even know how to begin a family profile, but thought to myself... why not?  So I sent them an email.  I heard back Thursday evening, as we were scrambling to pick up and deliver the yard sale donations (which was a great success!).  The agency sent me over guidelines to complete our profile and said that since they were writing our homestudy for us we could finalize that afterwards if we were matched.  They were meeting with the birth mom the next morning (Friday) at 10:30am and needed the profile completed to present it to her with the other profiles.  So Steven and I worked on the profile all night, I finally finished at 5:30 Friday morning.  I sent everything over and said a little prayer.  At 12:24pm on Friday I received a call, the birthmom, Nicole, wanted to meet us in person!  My heart stopped!  We shared the news with our close friends and family and were on pins and needles all weeekend.

We met with Nicole on Monday afternoon at 1pm, we were very nervous.  She was so sweet and positive about her adoption plan.  We clicked really well and ended up talking for almost 3 hours!  

We received the official call on Tuesday at 11:45am, and we are matched!!!
We are in shock, this all happening so fast, but we couldn't be more excited!!  There so much to do to finalize our paperwork and raise the remainder of our funds.  And we get to start putting together our nursery!!  This is truly a blessing, a dream come true! 

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